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Founded by 2 moms who crossed path in the journey of motherhood, we shared the love for wooden toys and how open-ended play has changed the perspective of learning for our little ones. 

We watched our children engaged with their wooden toys we've painted, which provided them an avenue for them to express their creativity and imagination. We observed how these toys allowed opportunities for them to stretch their cognitive skills and build decision-making skills as they freely play. 

In our present world, toys are made from different materials. As much as possible, we want our children to play with toys made of natural materials, which would nourish their senses and connect them back to nature.

We want to share this love we have for wooden toys and that moment of joy watching having fun with a piece of artwork made by you. Whether if its for you or your little one, we hope you'll find something you like in our store. 

With Love, 
Char & Fel