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Q: What are your toys made of?

Our toys are mainly made from natural beech wood sourced from Eastern Europe.

Q: Why beech wood?

We chose beech wood because it is a wood source that is able to replenish and sustain itself on its own. Known for it’s hardness, wear-resistance and outstanding bending capabilities, they are a perfect non-toxic material for wooden toys. We love it’s beautiful lines and pale cream colour nature, which makes it easier to paint these toys. 

Q: Where are they made?

The woodworks of our toys are made in a small family-owned toy factory in Zhejiang, which was founded in 2011. We’ve been partnering with them to test our products since October 2018 to ensure that the quality of our products has been met.

For all customisation orders, they’re hand-painted locally in Singapore by our crafts team using water-based paint or wood dye. Currently, we do not offer this option until further notice. Do follow us on our Instagram page for the latest updates! 

Q: What are the paints used on your toys?

For our pre-painted and customised products, we use EN71-3 certified water-based dye from Chimiver Ecostar imported from Italy or FolkArt’s Ultra Dye made in USA. They’re primed with a top/bottom coat and a finishing code of food-grade linseed oil.

Q: How about the paint included in your painting kit? 

The paint provided in our painting kit is Silicate Mineral paint. After testing various types of of paint on our beech wood products, we chose this paint for our painting kit as they’re eco-friendly, non-toxic, low in volatile organic compound (VOC), odourless with a blend of plant oils to preserve the paint while giving the wooden toys a matte finish.

They’re rich in colour, even after diluting with water, which preserves the wooden lines while giving the wooden toys a rich colour.

Q: Are they safe?

Yes, our Silicate Mineral paints are EN71-3 certified which makes it safe for children to use.

Q: I love the paints provided in the DIY kits, can I purchase more paint?

Absolutely! Our paints are sold on a preorder basis in sizes of 20ml in a set of 24 colours. You can paint them on almost any surface, including wood, stone pebbles, clay, paper, acrylic or even for wall painting.

Q: How should I start?

Unlike the nature of liquid paint, the texture of our Silicate Mineral paints are made in a paste texture. Prepare tap water, an art scraper or ice cream sticks to scoop the paint out on a palette. Start with a little water and add on as you go. The intensity of the colour depends on the amount of water added into the paint.

Q: Can I use my own paint?

Definitely! You can purchase the wooden toys and resources separately. If you do not wish to use our silicate paint provided, we recommend the Folkart's Ultra Dye wood dye which can be purchased from any Artfriend stores.

Q: How to take care of the wooden toys?

All our pre-painted toys are coated with thin layer of unscented linseed oil. They requires little to no cleaning but if its necessary (due to oily or food stains), use a damp cloth to gently wipe the toy. Leave the toy to dry completely under sunlight. 

Q: Do you accept returns?

Returns are only accepted within 14 days of your order and if the products are unused and in their original packaging. Unfortunately, unless the item is damaged, we cannot accept returns of customised products.

Q: There are uneven colour tones and dark wooden markings on my toys, are they considered as defects? 

Our products are made from real wood without the use of plywood. Hence, there might be variations and may look different from one another. These uneven tones and wooden marks are not considered defects. To us, these characteristics of the wood adds charm to each piece of toy we made, which makes it unique.

Q: Where do you ship to?

We currently ship to Singapore & Malaysia. For Indonesia, Australia, UK and orders from the US, please email us at with the list of items you're keen to order and we'll provide you with an shipping quote.

We're working towards worldwide shipping, so please be patient with us!

Updated 18/5/2020