Work-From-Home Play Set
Work-From-Home Play Set
Work-From-Home Play Set
Work-From-Home Play Set

Work-From-Home Play Set

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Hello, little boss! Is your child always fascinated by your work-from-home mode? Here's a wooden work-from-home set perfect for your little one. With a wooden play-pretend laptop and iPhone with a chalkboard screen, enjoy lots of amusing moments watching your little one pretend to be you. 

Batch 1 is sold out. Batch 2 will deliver around Early to Mid-August

- Made in a combination of beech wood, felt fabric & schima
- Coated in EN71-3 certified paint
Dimensions: 18cm x 13cm x 7cm 

What does the set include (10-Piece Set):
1x Document Folder - Made in kraft paper and paper
1x Laptop Bag - Made with Felt 
1x Laptop with Chalkboard Screen
1x Phone with Chalkboard Screen
1x Mug 
1x Mouse
1x Pen Holder
1x Lanyard
1x ID Card 
1x Stapler 

Recommended Age:
This set of toys are suitable for 3 years old and above due to its small parts.

- In-stock. Delivers in 3-7 working days.


Please note that the color of the product may vary due to different screen settings & natural variations in the wood. 

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