Rainbow Cone Forest Painting Kit

Rainbow Cone Forest Painting Kit

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Great as a stay-at-home activity, this is for the crafty mummies and kids who love open-ended loose parts! These hassle-free painting kits allow you and your child to enjoy a therapeutic time painting freely. It comes with a set of paint pots, a brush, a palette, all ready in a bag.

- 4x Short Rainbow Cones - 7.5cm 
- 4x Medium Rainbow Cones - 10cm 
- 4x Large Rainbow Cones - 12cm 
- 1 row of Acrylic Paint
- Palette & Brush Set

Estimated Painting Session Duration -
45 minutes 

Ready-stock. Ships out in 2-5 days.  

Please note that the color of the product may vary due to the natural variations in the wood. Without paint version doesn’t come with paint, brush and palette.

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