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Math Tracing Board with Tiles Set - Reggio Emilia Inspired Play Set

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Math Tracing Board with Tiles Set - Reggio Emilia Inspired Play Set

Regular price $75.00
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An open-ended complete math board learning tool to inspire and spark the interest of mathematics for preschoolers. Made in natural beech wood with 60 counting balls (20 in each boho colour), little ones are able to visually practice 1 to 1 correspondence skills by independently playing with this set. 

1 to 1 correspondence skill is to be counting one object as we say a number. It might be easy for us adults but it takes a developing child a huge amount of time to secure this skill.

This set of toys is designed to be used in exactly the type of setting that the Reggio Emilia philosophy promotes. The little ones are free to explore, playing and learn at their own pace. This set of toys allows free exploration and self-learning. 

Play tips for younger siblings: 
Used the number blocks as tracing tools for the younger siblings.

What does this set include:
- Base Board
- 1 to 20 Tracing Tablet Numbers 
- Additional, Subtraction and Equal signs
- Counting Balls - 20 pieces in 3 Boho Colours 
- Tracing Wooden Pen 

Base Board - 39.7 x 22.7 x 1.5 cm
Tracing Tablet Numbers - 4.7 x 4.7 x 1.5 cm
Balls - 1.5cm  

This set of toys are suitable for 3+ and up due to its small parts.


Beechwood. Balls & the lid of the cups are coated in EN71-3 certified paint with a matte surface.

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Please note that the color of the product may vary due to different natural variations in the wood and screen settings.

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