*PREORDER* Jewel Building Set
*PREORDER* Jewel Building Set
*PREORDER* Jewel Building Set
*PREORDER* Jewel Building Set
*PREORDER* Jewel Building Set
*PREORDER* Jewel Building Set
*PREORDER* Jewel Building Set

*PREORDER* Jewel Building Set

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Originated from a simple set of woodblocks we have at our play area, we worked with our factory partner to add acrylic gems into these new building sets to create the Jewel Gem Blocks that your little ones would be captivated. Suitable for toddlers from 18 months. 

Featuring 128 pieces of beech wood blocks that hold sparkling gems in them, these visually-stimulating colours on the gem blocks catch the light adding flair into children’s block structure, encouraging a new dimension in imaginative play.

Tray - 34 x 27 x 8cm

- 5x 8-Gem Blocks
- 10x 4-Gem Blocks
- 6x Tri-Gem Blocks  
- 31x Duo-Gem Blocks 
- 22x Thick Single Gem Blocks 
- 8x Thick Duo Gem Blocks 
- 4x Triangular Gem Blocks
- 4x Cylinder Gem Blocks
- 8x Triangular Wedge Blocks
- 8x Mini Triangular Blocks
- 8x Semi-Circle Wedge Blocks 
- 6x Cylinder Blocks 
- 8x Arch Blocks

  • Preorder item 
  • Order dispatch between 27-30 November
  • Includes Christmas Tag & Christmas Card for Gifting

Please note that the colour of the product may vary due to the natural variations in the wood. The gem colours as seen in pictures also varies from set to sets and are randomly assigned during production. This set of toys is produced under the name of EnStories and is not affiliated to any brands.

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